Tuesday, November 9, 2010

-OLD ALBUM EDITION- by friend of mine~

it's weird...
kinda realistic + fantasy kind of thing...
what u think?

it's like my wish came true...
i've got portrait of myself..

diz is mine..
knda xcited comparing it wth da drawing..
salute ~~

nice bckground an...
i like it..

colourful me..

tq 2 him (Muhammad Firdaus)...

lookin at it..
remind me of moments i cptured those pics...
seem like yesterday~

diz might b a history..
my past~

sumtime our memories can cherish our present..
i walk my life 2day thinkng of d past..
did hope tht i won't regret some of it..
but hoping is all i cn do..

-nobody cn go back n start new bginning,
but any1 cn strt 2day n make a new ending-

n 2day i walk.. and walk..
as i walk.. i'm thinking about not regretting..
well, in da process of makg new ending i guess~~

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