Friday, November 26, 2010

d 20 PrOfiLE PiC's oF ShAwLs -inspired by amira raudhah- (in progress)

19th pic of shawl-black gypsy

18th pic of shawl- green shawl beads

da 17th pic- light brown net shawl

da 16th pic - shawl beads brown

da 15th pic - jojet black shawl

da 14th pic - polka dot white shawl

da 13th pic - shawl beads

da 12th pic - cotton black shawl

11th pic - jojet oren shawl

10th pic - jojet pink shawl

9th pic - gypsy shawl

d 8th pic- 3 color tone shawl

da 7th pic - beads shawl

da 6th pic - rose beads shawl

da 5th pic - rainbow net shawl

da 4th pic- gypsy shawl

da 3rd pic- polka black shawl

da 2nd pic- polka purple shawl

da 1st pic- stripey da 1st pic- stripey beads shawl

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