Saturday, January 8, 2011

roses are red...n not just red~

d red roses..
most common..

d lovely red roses symbolize true love..
d passion n desire of tht person...

da white roses symbolize loyallty...

d yellow roses r 4 frenship...

da pink roses d symbol of sweet thought...
grace, gentility, elegance n refinement~

d purple rose symbolize pleasant or attractive~

d orange roses is a way of saying i'm proud of u~

a blue rose symbolize fantasy n impossibility

black roses symbolize promise tht soon u'l know somethin u ddn't knw b4~
however , it may not b understood as a gift
due to death of fixed thought of ideas~

d rainbow roses or happy roses
r produce by inserting dye into d stem

stiletto nail wth 3D roses

bloody white rose
a photo manipulation image

a black roses image

it's a trick fairy rose

a photomanipulation image of red roses

-da no. of roses given also mean sumthin..-

1 rose
exceptional love all concentrated on tht person

2 roses
2 person r deeply in love

3 roses
means i love u

6 roses
mean i wnt to be urs

9 r0ses
loves each other eternally

11 roses
u r d 1 i love most in my life

12 roses
satisfactory union n mutual affinity

13 roses
secret admirer

24 roses
remember fondly every moment
for 24 hours a day

33 roses
saying i love u wth profound love

36 roses
feeling romantic attachment bcoz u come 2 me

44 roses
constant unchangeable pledge

50 roses
d regretless love

56 roses
my love

66 roses
successful love affair

99 roses
love wth understandg makes love eternal

100 roses
remain a devoted couple till ripe old age

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