Thursday, April 7, 2011

d starz is blind & d hips don't lie

image: credits to zaim

peoples keep on looking for the stars..
even though the stars are blind..
peoples keep on wishing upon the stars..
even though the stars are deaf...

why stars?

do they believe that the hips don't lie?
feeling that all this is right?
all the attraction? tension?
n they call it perfection...

why hips?

peoples keep on hanging here with you..
because there is no other person that treat them like you do..
when peoples start to leave you..
you should know what to do...

do you?

when, what a man said make a woman go mad..
just be wise and keep on reading the sign of her body..
what if, what a woman said make a man go mad?
can she read the sign of his body?

can she?

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