Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my 3rd Bday cake.. a splendid 22 y.o celebration

last nite, 4 da 1st time i went to chim chum...
as i was waiting for them whom promised to meet at 8 at the car park..
however, when i was there.. none of them were there....
the moral of the past is that:-
don't assume msg on ur phone was a rush up msg b4 u check it
so that, u dn't end up d one who is waiting..

4 those who don't know what chim chum is
so, here's a pic 2 gave u an idea of what is chim chum
tellin ya fren: "i love it"
cause i'm a lover of seafood... nyummy~~
act, u just can take what ever u wanna eat
doesn't matter how much u tke
n they will charge u RM15.90 per head
sounds great aite??

n not just that we r going there just 4 dinner
actually, they already plan to celebrate mine n atin's birthday
so sweet..
just bcause last time we were dead busy..
n yesterday, as d last asgnment was passed up
diz whole plan burst out..
n i was kinda xcited coz i nver went there...
n..n.. the cake was super delicious...
a layer of chocolate-cheese cake with blueberry...
thanks to them 4 da cake..

here is me with atin slicing the cake
after a happy bday song from them

so, here's how to chim chum.. hehe
we had it added up 3 times...
so, i guess u already got the picture of how much me we ate last nite..

we snapped few pictures to engrave this sweet memories

n d results of chim chum are
whole of rounded belly going back to usm
whole used of whatever left on the table as residues

a majority of smiling n laughing that disturbed the peace atmosphere there
n a gud nite sleep...

-special thanks to fika, ct, hada & wani-


shanas said...

shanas sgt lapar!
hepi bday!

phoged (dk4me) said...

ups..nk offer da abes...
hehe... g r mkn ea..
n thanx!

EB said...

Corak baju sama mcm kek kn.. hehehe..

phoged (dk4me) said...

hahah.. ye ker?
sdap oo kek 2

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