Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking into the past

awesome kan gambar style macam ni..
pergh... macam journey back to the past jer..
it's like a frame viewing the past jer...
sayang skali foto dulu2 xder warna..
kalo x.. mesti gambar2 ni nmpk lagi awesome..

part emo, skip untuk jaga emosi anda
recently, my mind been wondering ...
i might feeling regret, sad, frustrated...
it's not that there are no happiness in my life at all..
it's just that, maybe cause i was think of it way too much..

few simple lesson that i learned are
- help those who are really2 in need instead of
those seeking for help when they don't really need it
- don't trust peoples easily, they deceive you in a blink of eyes
- it's nice if you care for other peoples feeling, but a limit to it is compulsory
- when someone said that they had a harsh life,
don't just melt yourself & easily believe them
cause peoples who really need it do work hard for it,
*tolong orang tua, orang miskin atau OKU lagi bagus!!

orang zaman sekarang memang ramai pandai menipu
semata2 demi kepentingan sendiri, muka memang habis innocent.
gaya memang layak award best performer lah.

BTW, recently when someone asked me about the past..
well, i did tell what actually happen..
then, i realized... it's only part of it..
because it was the past..
it's best to forgive and forget...
& actually i did forgot about da bad part..
however, since this issue was brought up..
i end up remembering the bad part that i thought i can forget bit by bit..
& ofcoz cried in foolishness..
owh, i'm a fool!!
life is not so easy as ABC ..
dulu my aunt pernah pesan..
kalo rajin, malam2 kt list out kesalahan kita pada hari ni..
kira macam muhasabah diri lah..
bila kita list, azam kita ialah jangan ulang
& fikir macammana nak baiki kesalahan tue..
& honestly i never did it..
coz, diri ini taklah serajin mana nak fikir & listkan before sleep...
*pegang pen & kertas before tidur? klo dah letak kepala konfem lelap..
pen & kertas entah ke mana nanti~

apa2pun.. past tetap past..
present is a gift for us...
as it was also called present..
future is a mystery..
ahead of us! awaits~

i can make it through the rain~
*hope so!

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