Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 10 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

Holla..holla.. the task for today is about the item i last purchased. So, here is the photo of my stripey blue maxi dress which is RM39.00 & watch worth RM10.00.. hihi..

I got this maxi dress after a few rounds in the shopping complex.. pheww.. & it was worth it.. there was lots of pretty dress, blouse & shirt that attract me. however my aims was for a maxi dress only.. that why i was lingering around the complex .. just to look for this.. aiyakz..

this watch i bought at the night market as i passed by a stall .. i have two watches, those worth hundreds ringgit & also the below RM15 also.. The hundreds ringgit are durable but the batteries are not... changing the batteries only can cost me a new watch from night market. So, as you can see.. it's better to just purchase a new one instead of replacing the batteries..that's one other reason why i love the night market besides the foods they sell.. in other words, let's do math, my fossil watch's batteries cost me RM12 for two small batteries it used which i used to change every year compare to a purchase of a new watch which is RM10...with that, i don't only have a new watch ..instead i save the RM2 for something else...

[p/s: price! the reason i change to shawl instead of bawal.. let say a bawal that cost RM30, i can buy 6 RM5 jojet shawl out of that.. nahh..who said shawl is a waste of money haa??]

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