Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 13 – What kind of person attracts you?


-Kim hyun jung-

-Nurul Syuhada Nurul Ain-

-Fizo Omar-

-Aaron Aziz-

Holla..holla.. for today task is about the kind of person that attracts me... Bcoz this task is not specific to anything.. So, i'l just list down as i pleased...hihi..

  • Gender: Female=Male
I like female & male equally.. it's not that i'm a bisex or what.. it's just that i like female bcoz they are well behave & i like male bcoz i'm female.. haha..

  • Height: prefer Tall than short
I prefer tall person than short bcoz they just make me envy of their height.. However, it doesn't matter actually if u're tall or short bcoz u'l be unique in ur own ways.. Tall is not always a good thing when tall people accidentally bang their head to a low structure ..& being short is not a choice when you can't reach up something higher..

  • Eyes: (Beautiful eyes) prefer Light brown compare to green & light blue
I'm always attracted to beautiful eyes.. it's always been the first thing i would look at someone else. Most Malaysian have brown eyes & i always a fan of Malaysian who have light brown/ hazel iris.. Next would be green... I have two frenz who had green eyes & ofcoz they are Malay.. I used to call them "cat's eye!! "

  • Attitude: prefer Good compare to cheerful & naughty
Attitude is always a package to a person that i'm attracted.. I just can't explain why i just can't except pretty faces with bad attitude.. & i'l be pleased with those with good or cheerful attitude... the naughty part is some kind of exception bcoz not all kind of naughty is acceptable.. I do get attracted to naughty boys bcoz they are cool!!

  • Sense of humor: A must
hey, who doesn't love such sense of humor? it's a must to lead such a wonderful life.. well, they did say 'laughter is the best medicine!'..

  • Cute: Features & character
Cute! I would say that Maki Horikita is cute.. I love her acting so much.. she didn't act cute but always end up looking cute in my mind.. For Malaysian artist, i would say that Juliana Evans is cute..

  • Systematic: In working & lifestyle
I used to admire my frenz for her systematic management.. Coz for me, it's kinda hard to be systematic... it's need a lot of hard work & discipline..


Hanna said...

kim hyun jung ^_^

Nana (phoged) said...

hihi.. crrected already!!

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