Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Holla..holla... the task for today is about my idea of the perfect first date.. my idea heh? i actually never imagine of a perfect first date... i love the spontaneous way & just follow the flow.. i just love being lead by the other half...
So, the first thing about the perfect first date is a good planning.. my idea of good planning from him is like the suggestion of activities that we should be doing on that day .. i just can't stand if i'm the one left to decide bcoz i don't like making decision.. i just love to let the other half to make the decision & i'l just answer "OK"!!

Next, a good conversation so that it wouldn't be too quiet & awkward. if it reach the point of too quiet & awkward, it feels like the other half is not enjoying the time seeing me or maybe we just don't get along together. maybe the cat did get our tongue, but i would much appreciate if we did have a topic to talk about..

I love attitude consistency of the other half, means that i would prefer if the other half is not pretending to be someone else when he is with me. i believe that by being oneself would pretty much help in maintaining a relationship. it gives the feelin of 'i know him well!!'..

Other than that, i'l just enjoy the good time & meal together... hihi ... (^_^)

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