Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Life is just the same as bittersweet.
I hate this feeling i had right now and i'm trying hard to think more positive.
I'm not proud to have such a person in my life.
But then, god compensate with such a wonderful person too.
Being ungrateful and grateful at the same time is a person i'm right now.

After those harsh words keep on repeating in my head.
I've decided step by step just to shut them up.
But then, plan just don't turn out as expected.
To use shame as reason is barely unacceptable.

I'm worrying for such a person.
This is so not right!!
Did that person ever worry about me??
So, here's a deal.
I don't wanna care a damn thing anymore!

You had been doing a great job
in ruining my life
either in the past, present or future.
Was it not enough to ruin just your life,
that you had to drag us along?


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