Monday, April 9, 2012

Behind the shoot for 'Remaja' magazine with Izhar Atan

Holla baby,
MG in da house bringing to you the last week story (5th of April 2012)... hahah.. better be late than never aitez.. I met abe P (abe hanapi) after my photoshoot session with the 'Pesona Pengantin' magazine. He's been arranging a photoshoot session for me with the 'Remaja' magazine since then..
So, last week was it, I got the chance to meet the person himself, Izhar Atan. Lucky me I guessed. The day I posted about 'Kau ada ubat gembira?? Jual sama aku' might bring a good charm after all.

Let's just cut the chase, so here are some of the 'behind the shoot' memories that i've kidnnapped from abe P's FB.. ekeke..

With Zietie Shadean

Signing off

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