Saturday, April 21, 2012

The making of 'Arah'.. nasyeed video clip by Destiny

-In the making of 'Arah' , nasyeed video clip by Destiny-

Assalammualaikum and a very good morning, have a nice day peoples!!
It has been a while since last i've updated this blog, been busy with my final year research project, quiz, practical and so on. In the process of making this video clip i met a lot of peoples and make a lot of friends.. And that was fun indeed...

There were several shooting's location involved in the making of this video clip and one of them was Masjid Noor Aini which situated at Pasir Hor, Kelantan. The moment i entered this mosque, it took my breathe away and it just 'wow' me of course... With fine architectures and design and very soothing environment which i can't very much describe here. You just have to see and experience it yourself and i very much welcome you to Kelantan.. (^_^)
*Here's are some of the mosque attraction in my point of view...

-Masjid Noor Aini, Pasir Hor, Kelantan-

Did I mention that I love the chandelier very-very much... Oh, and of course the prop for the making of this video clip and one of it was this knife. A real knife that could slice you to pieces.. oh yes, i'm not kidding.. it was used to hurt someone in this video clip.. (*Luckily, no one was hurt!! (^_^))

-One of the prop-

And of course in the making will surely have behind the scene part. Here's are some from my Samsung with non-SLR quality of course...

-Abe mie (Azmie Sentral), the official videographer-

And I bring you one of the scene in this video clip..

Here's a picture of me with Assima Ema and that time was the first time i met her.. Nice to know you Ema... A friendly person she was...

-Me with Assima Ema-

So, that's all for now.. I hope my last scene will be recorded as soon as possible because it's very hard for me to be in this such mood any longer... I've been crying lately reminding myself of hardship and bad memories I owned just to bring on the mood itself and I very much succeed in bringing out those tears and very much failed to control my emotion again.. So, that's all folks, the emo girl for the moment is signing out... tadeluuuuu~~~~


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