Saturday, April 7, 2012

One session of 'Arah' audition..

Yesterday(6/4/2012)- The 'Arah' audition was held at SueSweettouch bridal, Kota Bharu. This is my first ever audition... Gilalah, MG buat kerja gila lagi.. omaigod.. But, hell yes it was fun..hahah... So, what can i say now is that, berlakon sangatlah tak sama dengan teater... Shot lakonan ada angle-angle tertentu.. You just have to know where u start and where you'll end your act.. Unlike teater yang gunakan pergerakan segitiga to conquer pergerakan stage.. In teater, mostly sumer hyper mode which means harus tahu macam mana lontarkan suara.. every move must be precise and clear so that the audience will be able to hear and see you well.. So, lakonan is all about being natural and yang paling penting pembawaan watak.. in this audition, MG bawa satu watak yang beza gila dengan myself... Susah jugaklah sebab MG buas and agresif bila tetiba bawa watak lemah lembut gitue.. ummph... dalam erti kata lain.. d audition is for watak ustazah... nah amik kau!!... sekali jadi ustazah baiii~~ Anyway, the results will be out soon.. I'll update later.. I'allah.


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