Friday, May 18, 2012

My Nursing Annual Dinner 2012

Holla..holla... Sabau-sabau jer la tgk gambar MG setepek gitue... sabau yer sabau... Dinner da lepas berminggu-minggu tapi gambar baru nak upload.. sep konon-kononnya... siap watermark ala-ala transparent agy...maju u noks~ 

Tapi gambar-gambarnya sket aja.. ni pun kidnap dari orang punya kamera... Sangat cantik kan perangai MG.. Kamera sendiri buat tangkap gambar makanan jer.. I busy tangkap gambar makanan noks, tak sempat la nak snap gambar sendiri.. (Okeh tipu, i sibuk rekod video yang x brapa jadi...BENCILAH SEBAB TAK JADIIII!!! Waaaaaaa~~~)

Sampai jer Crown Garden Hotel haruslah daftar dulu.. amik nombor cabutan bertuah and cenderahati. Siap gambar candid lagi nih.. Hebat mamarazzi sorang nih amik gambar noks... tapi kan, nombor MG tak berapa nak bertuah malam tue..tak dapat pun hadiah cabutan bertuah.. BENCILAH SEBAB TAK BERTUAH!!! tapi xper.. i was nominated as Queen of the night!!! Yeayyyyyy~~~~

So, i'm with the mamarazzi yang bertanggunggjawab snap gambar atas tadi.. hahaha!!! My beloved fren Miss Wong Yu Rui... I love u Yuri!!! A nice, good, understanding & funny she is.. Oho, she's Johorian babes!! Wearing beautiful blue dress...

Another picture with my beloved Miss Hada Shuhada & Miss Rose Wong.. Owh ... yang belakang-belakang tue sumer my coursemate busy taking pictures for kenang-kenangan.During this time, the fun part was to jump in others while there were taking pictures & wallah, u're apart in the pictures.... & for sure no one will get mad..seronok lah jadi final year...Kamilah warga-warga yang dirai.. To all third year degree nursing, USMKK --> A very good job in preparation of this event.. I'm very-very satisfied with every outcomes...The venue, foods, performance & management was fantastic!!

 The last but not least, MG ada gambar as kenang-kenangan & i'm gladly to introduce you from my right was Dr. Che Rabiah, our nursing course coordinator & on my left was Dr. Soon Lean Keng, my beloved mentor & research supervisor. I just don't know what should i do without her.. My life saviour she is..Without her, i wonder how am i going to complete my thesis.. (^_^).. The one and only hero is my Dean of Health Sciences School, Prof Ahmad Hj Zakaria. The person next to him was my third year junior. 

So, that was it.. the short updates of my Nursing Annual Dinner 2012. Tadeluu~~



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