Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let's talk about love in Japanese

There is time when you're in love and you would like to express it in an unusual ways. Instead of saying 'I love you', let's say 'aishiteru'... or in case you would like to be the one who will be hearing 'aishiteru', you can be the one who's asking 'Do you love me' in Japanese which is 'boku no koto aishiteru'..

And there will be time that you could whispered something nice to your love one such as 'you're beautiful' or 'kirei da'... 'you're handsome' or 'hansamu ne'... If you don't feel like praising them.. You might just said 'I miss you' or 'aitai'... Other than that, you can just said 'I always think about you' or 'Itsumo omotteimasu'.

And one last word from me tonight is 'daite' which means hug me.. Which remind me of one of Yamashita Tomohisa @ Yamapi's movie entitle 'Kurosagi' with the theme song daite senorita..

So, that all for tonight ... Oyasuminasai (means Good night).. Kimi ga ite shiawase (means You make me happy) and Arigatou Gozaimasu (means Thank you) for reading (^_^)..

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