Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Track Day!!

-Say Hello to my ex-boyfriend-

18th November 2012- Assalammualaikum w.b.t , may peace be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and his blessings. How's life been treating you? Did you have a good time or did you just wasted the time doing nothing at all? Well, they said life is short and I felt that my life had been long enough and yet, there's a lot to be done. 

In my last entry, I did said I'll update about my trip to Sepang if I could make the time and so here we go...

I arrived in KL two days ago and went for midnight movie at GSC Alamanda. Me and my friends watched Skyfall in 2D. Owh..yes!! 2D not 3D and I was very-very satisfied with such high definition image and the ticket's price was reasonable and definitely affordable for just only RM12 per ticket. Skyfall was awesome and realistic if you weren't expecting high tech gadgets or young and handsome 007 agent. 

The Track Day was yesterday, the Honda owners were convoying from Penang, Johor and also KL to Litar Sepang. 

-Johorian Honda's owners-

-Honda in da blues.. :P-

It was a long day and I got bored once in a while so, we captured few photomomento.. 

 -Mirror reflection of tiny us-

-Howdy guys!!-

-The were getting ready to test the track-

-This is so not my car, but we colour matched-

And so, it was my first time to Litar Sepang and for those who never been there.. here's a few photos for you for you to imagine how it looks like ...

-I believed this is the emptied VIP room-

-The roof top score board I guessed- 

 -The door to Perdana suite-

 -The spectators-

-It's a 'she' driver who drift- 

-There's also a DJ- 

 -And the DJ is also a 'she'-

-And me who is also a 'she'-

So, I'll be in KL for a while as I promised my cousin to watch Breaking Dawn together and heading back to Penang on 25th... Owh KL, be nice to me.. hohoho~


p/s: The 1st image was not my ex.. I was just joking.. hahah  \(^_^)/


Aiman Ayie said...

that 1st and last pic. The car. What type is it ? It looks osem >.<

Arryana Nasution said...

unfortunately, i'm not sure.. :P

frecoz said...

nice.. pah xsea jadi umbrella girl kew? ^_^

Arryana Nasution said...

aiman ayiee: my friend cakap tue KTM Crossbow (XBOW)...

Frecoz: heh.. pahtue pakai seksi2 time panas and sunburn?? xmau~~

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