Sunday, January 20, 2013

If you ask me...

Holla..holla... Assalammualaikum and a very-very pleasant morning I bid to all of you. I have received PM from a friend asking me tips on modelling. It had been a while since my last photoshoot. I don't think that I'm someone who is qualified on giving tips on this actually.

So, if you ask me... I would go for this LAST tips >>>

Listen and go through every comment that you can make improvement.. Trust me, critique helps!!! In every photos that were uploaded, go through the comments, you'll find critiques on your attire, posing, make up and so what ever they could comment on... Don't take it in a bad way, take it as something that you can work on..

ex: I was asked to wear contact lens for 'catch light', especially if it was potraiture.. Well, I buy those contact lens eventhough I don't wear glasses. It takes me half hour to put them on my first time and 5 mins on my second time. Eyes are the number one attraction of potraiture if you must know.. Even make up artist would spend more times on eyes rather than other things..

Do something about it!!!! Go through every source that you can find such as magazine, internet, etc.. Study the way models do it. Focus on how they pose and play with their body such as face, neck, torso, hand, fingers and leg. Study those expression >>> arrogant, cheerful, warm or sweet expression.. Do it in front of mirror and see for yourself what you can and can't do. Bring some character to the photos that make it alive rather than nothing..

ex: Look up on Tyra Bank tips on how to smile with your eyes.. This is one helpful tips from professional that you can learn from..

Get to know your photographer >>> Some, just love a simple pose and some would ask for extreme pose.. Spare about 10-15 pose in your head and then you can just play around with those poses. To make it simple, spare poses with continuity... which means, from one pose to another would be a sequence of movement. Study those photoshoot's video and you'll understand what I'm trying to say..

Change your poses after every click sound the camera make except if the photographer himself ask you to stay with the same pose.. If you can't hear the click sound, just change your pose after every camera flash. Some photographer will instruct you during photoshoot but there are some who does not. They usually know what they want when they start instructing you.. Tackle the needs of every photoshoot!!

I'm not a professional model who can give you excellent tips. Consider this LAST tips as your last choices of tips after those pro you ever known..

Hope this helps...   \(^_^)/



Mahamahu said...

Singgah hari minggu jengah blog kawn2 sambil baca and follow... nice blog..

Arryana Nasution said...

Thanks dear..
welcome to Menggelabah Gila~~

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