Saturday, November 19, 2016


Assalammmualaikum and a very good day mate, hope uolls having a wonderful life. It has been 7 months now I've been working here in Riyadh. It has been up and down, but I'm gonna survive, insyaallah. So, here's a share about my trip to Edge of the World. 

-In Acacia valley and also known as 'Rock framed window'
-You can either drive there or challenge yourself with mountain trekking 
-Safest to convoy with full tank, shovel, tow strap and spare tires
-Go there with knowledgeable guide and skilled driver (4x4 vehicle is advisable!)
- Best to visit during fall and winter (can be extremely hot in summer)
-Safety first, caution anywhere near the cliff (No rails! No fences! SERIOUSLY!!)
-It used to be the bottom of the ocean 50 million years ago (Unbelievable right? )
-Looking down the valley are dried up rivers which will fill up with water after heavy rain.


I joined this trip conducted by our hospital recreational club, so I can't exactly tell you the info on how to go there on personal trip. But 50 riyals per head that I paid for this trip is so worth it because for me it is one a lifetime experience. I enjoyed the little adventure we had there, met new friends and release the stress for sure. As you can see, it has the most spectacular view, make me wanna travel the world and visit the other 'Edge of the World' as in Ecuador and England. We went there by coaster and the thing is, they got stuck in the soft sand. Yeah, probably not a very good idea to go there by coaster. Luckily they manage to tow the coaster out of the sand. We just had to ride the 4x4 at the end to reach our bbq site and head to the Edge of the world.

The coaster stuck in the sand
Most of us went out to take photos when the coaster got stuck.
We just had to ride the 4x4 from bbq site to 'Edge of the World'
Once we reached 'Edge of the World', they parked the 4x4 near the cliff, you can just enjoy the view from there or climb up to the top. It was windy, not extremely hot as it is winter now but i hardly catches my breathe because my fitness level probably not ready for this. But hey, me and Tia manage to be the 1st two person to reach the top. Everyone manage to climb up, just that the timing based on you capability and fitness level. You can do this, mafi musykila..   

As usual, my shameless selfie once we reaches the top
As you can see. We had good time and the lighting is best for photomomento.
Enjoying the view and the climb.
See. Everyone manage to climb up.

We went back to the 4x4 looking at them and happily said 'I was there!'
Later, we went back to the bbq site to enjoyed our lunch and obviously the continuity of our photomomento.  At the same time, herd of camels also are heading back home for lunch perhaps. We were so excited to see the camels and of course take the opportunity to have a photo with the camels.
Usually I would never missed the chances to touch the camels but this time, I just can't because of MERS-CoV outbreak and according to the news, it were detected in some camels.  

Our bbq site with pyramid looking rocks and herd of camels heading home.
You'll just love them. They just know how to pose for the camera.

This guy just came so close to us. So we snap a photo. 

 I just love this trip. In love with the clear skies. Fall in love with the spectacular breathtaking view. Enjoyed the safari like surrounding with loose herd of camels. Last but not least, memories with some new and old friends secured. Signing off for now. Tadeluu~

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