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Assalammualaikum and hello dear friends. We have gone through thick and thin of 2016. A marvelous year indeed and more is yet to come this coming 2017. It's gonna be 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days of laughter, 8760 hours of good luck, 525600 minutes of joy, 31536000 seconds of success. So I'm wishing you a Happy New Year! 

Welcoming the new year with new resolutions, from the aspect of career, relationship, family & quality of life. 

  • I follow what my heart desire. Friend, if you read my previous post I wish to work in Saudi since I was a student. Even though I pursue my dream to work here now, but the feeling of distress just lingered around within my parameter every single day. Wishing myself the best of luck to strive my best and keep on surviving. Fighting!! The easy cheesy task seem like a burden and I blame the system. In my opinion, systems created should be flexible and to facilitate your job, but it seems to be the other way around. So, I blame the management due to failure in FINDING SOLUTION!! 
  • CAREER RESOLUTION?? I should widen the search for new opportunities ahead! 

  • Honestly, I already gave up on finding my happiness. I don't think it even existed. I know, those who read this statement would say that i'm choosy and so on. But, if you were in my shoes? Let me see, I used to be so in love with this person and every time people approach me, I honestly tell everyone that I have him or in relationship with him. But yeah when shit happen and he thinks I'm hanky panky, it make me realize that it's useless to be in relationship if someone you love don't trust you. If only you could trust me more babe!! Heart break i rather be rather than fighting over something I could never win. You should know, if someone say he like me, it doesn't mean i love them back even if i like him. How can you not like someone who treat you better?
  • Then, come the series of failed relationship. Me with the feeling of insecure. Yeah.. put all the blame on me. Peoples come and go, confess their feeling and their hope. To the extend, I think I'm cursed. Born to have all the dream come true and improved quality of life without the perfect relationship. I find myself hard to love someone as I suppose to!! 
  • The dilemma of 2017, should I settle down?? I gave up on relationship but my mom wanna see me married?? Why mommy?? Can I just be your daughter forever?? Cause I just couldn't find that someone!!
  • RELATIONSHIP RESOLUTION?? I'll find you. Will you come for me too?? Settle down on 2017 or not to settle down at all.
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  • When you feels lonely, there's love. When you're down, there's joy. When things seem empty, there's hope! Family! The support structure of my strength to strive for more in life. I might not doing the best for them. But they always have been the best thing that ever happen in my life. Thank you for being there for me. *Tears rolling on my cheeks.
  • FAMILY RESOLUTION?? Do the BEST for my family!!
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 Quality of life
  • I might not be a happy in a relationship, so I choose to make myself happy in any other ways.
  • I will try things that I never tried in the year 2017. Planning is all it takes even though most of the time is that no plan is the plan after all. 
  • QOL RESOLUTION?? Plan & execution!!

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So, the ultimate resolution is:

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